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Marble Accessories: The New Kitchen Crush - KD Crafts

Marble Accessories: The New Kitchen Crush

Marble Accessories: The New Kitchen Crush

High-Quality White Marble Kitchen Canisters

Canisters are made up of sturdy marble material for storing purposes; it also holds the air out, providing an airtight space to hold the materials dry. White marble kitchen canisters set from K D Crafts are perfect for nuts, sweets, cookies, coffee beans, chocolate, trinkets, etc. the elegant and stunning nature of canister set make it a fantastic gift for housewarming or weddings. K D Crafts is manufacturer and exporter of marble and granite artifacts and provide you several marble products such as canisters.

Whether to send as presents or to use in your own house, these containers are sure to bring beauty to every kitchen and compliment guests. If it is a home, office, excursion, vacation, or business trip, you can take it and use it. Marble canisters are healthier and safer as compared to plastics. Charming white marble kitchen canisters make it easy to combine with your regular cutlery and kitchen utensils. It is the best choice for yourself or as a present for your friends and family.

Indian Pestle and Mortar

When you prepare Indian food, you work with whole spices, and when you have whole spices on hand, nothing beats a mortar and pestle. Whole spices are excellent because they hang onto the volatile oils that often evaporate after a spice has been processed and then packed. K D Crafts add artisan elegance to redefine the home decor and utility. A vital kitchen Indian pestle and mortar made up of marble can grind herbs, spices, or medicines. It is nonporous, natural, and very durable. Indian pestle and mortar are easy to maintain and clean, dishwasher safe, and do not absorb odors or stains. Indian pestle and mortar are built-in neutral colors so that it suits all color pallet in your house.

Chapati Rolling Board Marble

From candy making to pastry prepping, K D Crafts marble pastry board makes for a sturdy rolling surface to bring your culinary creations to life! It provides an attractive surface that is perfect for prep-work or show. The cool marble surface is roomy enough for most activities, from rolling out long pie crusts to shaping small rolls. Forget about dusting the countertops with flour! Its slick and cool surface helps you quickly roll out pastry and pie crusts without sticking on the floor.

Chapati rolling board marble made from genuine marble, it’s known for its natural cooling properties and elegant pattern. This marble board is an attractive piece that you can use to make your various kinds of flour. The fact that it’s big makes it easy to use and prevents the task of chasing your dough over the cooking surface. The surface is designed to be protected from the tendency for bacterial growth that occurs from the ingestion of moisture, food odor, fats, or water. Another strong character of this marble is that it remains cool hence suitable for those recipes that require a regular temperature. The rolling board has a nonporous surface, allowing clean up quickly and thanks to its smooth surface.