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KD Crafts – Creator of Leading Mortar and Pestles - KD Crafts

KD Crafts – Creator of Leading Mortar and Pestles

Premium Indian Mortars and Pestles You Didn’t Know About

KD Crafts have been the cream of the age-old mortar and pestle in India. This fantastic implement is the heart and soul of an Indian kitchen and it has been around for almost as long as Ancient India. The mortar and pestle can be made out of many different materials but the best and the most durable material for making a mortar and pestle is granite and marble. This is because granite and marble make it easy to remove the majority of the particles that have been ground and crushed. These are profoundly durable and most kitchens have had the same mortar and pestle for many decades. Granite and marble material allow the mortar and pestle to be nonporous and if you are buying from KD Crafts you can be sure of the quality as it is always very high.

Mortar and pestle are called by many different names around the world, but it is a tool that has been used for kitchen and medical purposes in almost every region of the world in almost every era throughout history. India and the subcontinent have a rich history and the diversity of the subcontinent allows for the existence of many different ethnicities, languages, and religions. This means that the mortar and pestle are called by many different names in the subcontinent. We know it as the khallad musli or the okhli musli or even a khalbatta.

It does not matter what you call it, you can find the best quality of KD Crafts.  

KD Crafts’ Mortar and Pestles:

1) White Marble Okhli Musli Set:

This is a white marble-made okhli musli set which has multipurpose usage. These mortar and pestles are not only very handy but you can also keep them on the front in your kitchen as they look really good. You can grind or crush many items in the bowl and make them into a fine paste for your cooking.

2) Khallad Musli:

The Khallad Musli is another essential kitchenware that is a must in your kitchen. The finishing on the khallad musli is incredible and it is a smooth piece of kitchenware that does not absorb any food color or get stained, at all. Made out of authentic marble this mortar and pestle will be a great investment for generations to come.

3) Marble Khalbatta:

The Marble Khalbatta is available in a variety of colors. It depends on your choice of the color you want to choose and the one you like. Ideal for grinding spices and retaining the color and aroma of any ingredient you want to crush, the marble khalbatta is one of the best products of KD Crafts. Like all other KD Crafts products, the marble khalbatta is a durable product and it is eco-friendly, as well, which gives us another reason to purchase this important piece of kitchenware.  

You can ask KD Crafts to make any size and shape of these mortar and pestles as per your liking.