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Marble-ize Your Kitchen with KD Crafts - KD Crafts

Marble-ize Your Kitchen with KD Crafts

Marble is considered to be the safest option whenever you are going for a remodel of your kitchen, in particular. It has several health benefits, and it is affordable, relatively, not to mention the fact that marble products are also beautiful.

Why should we use marble products?

There are many reasons for using marble products. First of all, marble is heat-resistant. This means that marble does not heat up, instead, it manages to keep the products cool and give your whole kitchen a cooler view.  

Another reason for choosing marble products is the natural design that it gives. This design is wonderful, and not without its faults, but the imperfections of marble are what make it so special. It requires a bit of upkeep, but if you are good with it, you can manage to keep your marble products stain-free and resist other scratches.

What kind of marble products can we buy from KD Crafts?

The range of marble products available on KD Crafts is insane. You can get anything from marble kitchen canisters to marble bowls and trays. It depends on what you need because KD Crafts covers everything.

1) Marble Khalbatta:

You can also get a marble-styled khalbatta that is bound to make your grinding worries a lot easier. Tired of following the same recipe as your mother but still not getting the same taste? Trust us, it is the khalbatta that makes the difference as the spices are captured in their truest essence when you pound them to a pulp instead of relying on the blades of your grinder to get the real taste.  

2) Marble Kitchen Canisters:

These jar-like marble kitchen canisters keep things cool when you store them. They come with cute little lids made of marble and can be used for serving snacks like nimko and nuts. You can choose the color and size, as there is the option to get them customized.

3) Marble Rolling Board:

Tired of the mess when you roll dough? No need to worry anymore, these marble rolling boards have your back. You can use them to make a desi chapati, as well, which if you normally make at home, you would realize requires a marble rolling board. You can get it large enough to suit your needs as these products are also customized.

4) Marble Kitchen Tray:

The kitchen tray comes with a marble finishing and has an ivory base which allows it to be more durable and the design is simple, yet elegant. You can use it to carry multiple different things, and you can get it made in a size of your convenience. You can either use it as a serving tray or even as a decoration piece in the living room.  

5) Marble Kitchen Bowl:

These marble kitchen bowls make for lovely kitchenware that can be used to serve liquids and solids, both. You can also use it to eat salad, and it looks wonderful while serving the purpose.