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Shop KD Crafts for Kitchenware! - KD Crafts

Shop KD Crafts for Kitchenware!

KD Crafts excel in manufacturing granite and marble products for your home. Having these products is essential as they cover the basics and their rates are so affordable that you simply cannot pass on the chance of buying from KD Crafts. We take a look at some of their kitchenware, that you should be keen on.

KD Crafts’ Kitchen Products:

1) Mortar and Pestle:

Mortar and pestles are an exclusive item of KD Crafts. They take a lot of pride in the manufacturing of their khalbatta, and it is because they create it with top quality marble and granite. These are created to be durable and are highly eco-friendly. You can use these to crush and grind any kind of spices and ingredients for finer cooking.

2) Marble Kitchen Canisters:

The marble kitchen canisters created by the finest artisans and the best marble are bound to be durable and very useful. They come in many different designs, colors, and shapes and you can place them anywhere across your kitchen shelf to breathe new life into your kitchenware. These canisters are simple-looking but look beautiful and you can store many different kinds of ingredients in them. From tea, sugar, coffee to spices, and other ingredients, there is also a lid that helps you keep the products from falling over.

3) Chopping Boards:

The simplest yet the most efficient boards that you can buy for chopping your veggies. These are white, and the shape and size can be customized. This classic look makes your chopping and cutting woes a lot easier to deal with and it is sturdy enough to handle any kind of chopping tool, as well.

4) Tea Coasters:

Tired of the mess your teacups make when you place them on the table? These tea coasters made of marble are the perfect answer. You can place them once and for all on your favorite spot and put your cup of tea on them without having to worry about the mess. Buy them and make your tea conversations more fun and stress-free!

5) Granite Whiskey Stones:

These are the perfect alternative to ice-cubes. Ice-cubes usually melt in the liquid and that can hamper the taste of the product, but you cannot go wrong with the granite whiskey stones. Primarily for your alcohol adventures, but you can use them in most drinks. They can be used again and again, and they also do not contaminate the taste, at all.

6) Marble Rolling Board:

The marble rolling board is ideal for rolling out your dough. It is a popular product in India as it serves well in making chapatis. You can also roll out other ingredients and smoothen them up. These are finished and polished well so they do not contaminate the products but also are easy to clean once you are done using them.

All of the products found on KD Crafts are highly durable and once you buy them, you may not need to buy another in your lifetime. This also makes their products very ecofriendly.