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Decorative Marble Artifacts - KD Crafts

Decorative Marble Artifacts

A marble is an exquisite thing and can enhance the look of everything. Marbles show beauty in whatever way they are made. If you plan to add a marble tray, kitchen canisters, and round marble platter to your home decor, you should proceed with the idea. Nowadays, wherever we look, somebody asks us to buy their product that will make our lives simpler, supposedly. K D Crafts is the manufacturer and exporters of marble and granite artifacts such as marble tray, marble bathroom tray, and three-tiered fruit stand etc.

Marble Tray

The marble tray is made of superior Carrara marble from Italy. Each tray’s color and texture are distinctive, natural, unforgettable, and blessed with expert crafting and optimizing procedure. K D Crafts make the most extraordinary and elegant marble tray. In your lovely house, it is an elegant and modern home decoration. As a jewelry tray, perfume tray, cosmetics tray, tiny jewelry tray, essential watch tray, and even a coffee tray, the fashionable marble tray can be widely used in the shower, dressing table, kitchen, living room, dining table. To save the counter room, it is the perfect business.

The marble tray is easy to clean, and the non-porous marble tray does not consume grease, spices, and juice. So clean it off with water or an inadequate detergent, then dry it with a towel. Don’t put anything easy to corrode, please. It has a compact and lightweight nature, and this tray can be conveniently transferred and carried at any time. Any small items can be stored on it. These marble trays are very durable and are used for decorations indoors and outdoors. Marble trays look elegant and are ideal for use as decorative goods.

Marble Bathroom Trays

Marble bathroom trays are removable and have interchangeable holders that carry your iPad, book, magazine, or any other wine glass and reading content. It is amazingly robust. It is a high-quality, durable, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, sleek, stylish, and plain, non-slip shelf for the bathroom and is more suitable for your home. Marble bathroom trays will never rust because they are made from food-grade stainless steel instead of cheap iron and chrome. Both chrome and iron can cause rust. Every piece of marble, with various designs, has its personality.

It is not only stylish and transparent in the shower but also moisture-proof. The marble bathroom trays make taking a bath relaxing! Reading or watching a movie with a bottle of wine is even better. After a long day of work, marble bathroom trays let you unwind in the bath or Jacuzzi. It is straightforward to use. In a romantic setting, you can enjoy reading and drinking while you soak.

Three Tiered Fruit Stand

Three tiered fruit stand can be put on a counter or dining table and used in all home areas to store and arrange fruits and vegetables and products such as tea and coffee supplies. The countertop, kitchen bench, dining table, or breakfast table will make a three tiered fruit stand look amazing. For a handy snack or easy storage of ingredients, the decoratively arranged three tiered fruit stand is ideal for displaying fresh, colorful fruits and vegetables in the kitchen, shops, and living room. Of these types of stands, K D Craft is one of the leading producers.