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Finest Marble Accessories - KD Crafts

Finest Marble Accessories

Finest Marble Accessories

Marble Desk Organizer

Marble Desk Organiser usually held on a desk’s surface, a box or open tray separated into compartments for office supplies such as pens, pencils, paperclips, etc. They are intended to help hold your things in a compact, tiny room. Marble desk organizer tidy’s purpose is to store pens, pencils, rubbers, rulers, sharpeners, paper clips, and sticky notes. It would help if you kept your home or office clean, store the basics of your stationery and arrange your books, magazines, and files. For all your desk essentials, this flat desk organizer has grids and gaps, keeping your room clean and on-trend.


  • The attractive style in marble
  • Ideal for home and office locations
  • Keeps a tidy and organized desk.

A simple and stylish way to keep your workspace tidy is the Marble Desk Organizer Kit. This trendy storage collection is suitable for the workplace, home, and university, featuring a pencil holder, magazine file, and more in an elegant marble-effect pattern with foiled details. You will never waste years searching again for that one piece of paper or ink! Your office desk adds a classic touch to this marble desk organizer collection. A stapler, a tape dispenser, and a pen holder with pencils are included. It has a touch of rose gold in its style, making it look chic and perfect for the girl’s boss.

Round Marble Vanity Tray

The round marble vanity tray floats with classic golden feet on a polished pedestal. To increase the degree of elegance and add eternal beauty to your home. It is the luxurious dresser top organizer. An elegant item for guests to impress! Within the gold case, position the marble plate as a marble serving tray or round marble vanity tray.

For a gorgeous display stand or perfume pedestal, flip the frame over and put the plate on top. Or use the gray and white fake marble itself as a trinket tray. The center stage will be the new, contemporary art deco serving tray. They are using it as a tray for marble jewelry, an organizer for marble makeup, a trinket dish, a catchall tray, a coffee table tray, a candle holder, or even a board for marble cheese. It also provides the ideal vanity organizer for cosmetics and perfume. Separate the gold plate stand from the plate to clean the marble vanity tray, and wipe each piece down using a damp cloth.

K D Crafts make the most suitable retail round marble vanity trays. Marble makeup trays are essential for regular use because they make it easier to organize the makeup. The marble vanity trays are sleek and breathtaking. You are enticing the consumer as much as possible to use it. It is intended to store your daily essentials, including cream, serums, lotions, oils, attractive, and other makeup items. Every person who loves makeup loves vanity trays made of marble. Consumers prefer these trays because they reject the makeup flecks.  Round Marble vanity trays are swiftly polished without hesitation. Many video makers and bloggers talk about this kind of makeup organizer, so the best kinds of makeup trays are never disappointed by K D Crafts. The collection of luminous marble bathroom vanity trays gives you a natural flair. Every style is handcrafted with a robust brass trim that highlights the intrinsic beauty of marble. Veining differences make every piece unique.

  • Strong white marble handcrafted.
  • Completed by solid metal trimming

Large Marble Fruit Bowl

K D Crafts is the manufacturer and exporters of marble and granite artifacts such as the Large Marble Fruit Bowl. A large marble fruit bowl is used to contain fruits of a variety. The stunning Large Marble Fruit Bowl is polished to emphasize the smooth, matte stone’s distinctive veining for an elevated entertaining essential and crafted from 100% natural marble. Wipe yourself with a wet towel. This solid marble pedestal bowl provides whole fruits with an elegant appearance, highlighting their colors against the excellent white stone. Intrinsic to the marble, delicate pale gray markings imbue it with depth and dimension, adding timeless elegance to the table’s settings, sideboards, or countertop display.

  • It is handcrafted from sturdy natural white marble.
  • They are polished to a lustrous finish by hand.
  • Natural marble variations make each bowl special.

The marble fruit bowls are the most elegant and beautiful addition to the kitchen.  The delicate pale gray markings inherent in marble add texture to the kitchen and measurements, giving an eternal look. It can be used as a monitor for table arrangements, sideboards, or countertops.  They are used to fragilize the kitchen.

The solid large marble fruit bowls give the whole fruit, with the excellent white stone shown in color, an elegant look. The only issue with marble bowls is that marble can be blemished by exposure to citrus fruit acid. As marble is a natural product, it can differ in veining and coloring. Marble-inherent discreet pale gray markings impregnate them with width and size, incorporating table sets with timeless patterns, sideboards, or countertops.