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Marble Accessories to Style Home - KD Crafts

Marble Accessories to Style Home

Marble Accessories to Style Home

Green Marble Tray

The green marble tray can be used as an everyday decor piece or can be pulled out for special occasions to spruce up your room. Handmade green marble trays can look good while at the same time having a purpose and can be combined to put together your overall decor. K D Crafts is the manufacturer and exporter of granite and marble artifacts that provide green marble trays.

For the serving tray, the green marble tray is perfect. The green tray of marble is carved out of solid marble. Each piece is completed as a distinctive marble tray serving. The green marble tray is eco-friendly and natural. It may also complement your overall home decor.

Build a stylish or coordinated table centerpiece with green marble trays from K D Crafts. Green marble trays are an excellent present for all times, including housewarming, holidays, thanksgiving, weddings, birthdays, anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Christmas, New Year, Easter, office presents, appreciation gifts, gifts for home decor, gifts for the hostess, etc.

Marble Kitchen Tray

What makes it look smart in your kitchen? These are the accessories that you need there. And it happens that it is very tedious sometimes to cook. However, you need to, don’t you? K D Crafts crafted some unique kitchen accessories like marble kitchen tray made of marbles of various sizes that make your kitchen look different and make you feel much better than ever when cooking food, considering customers’ satisfaction.

A better way to put such items organized and in one place is to hold a tray in the kitchen. In one handy location in the tray, you can hold some widely used ingredients such as salt, oils, turmeric, cilantro, pepper, sauces, vinegar. Also, indoor herb pots can be put in the tray to always be on hand and add spice to the food when cooking.

Marble Wine Bottle Holder

Marble wine bottle holder by K D Crafts designed to help you organize and display your favorite wine bottles in style. Give the kitchen countertop, pantry, or cupboard a practical touch and save space with our stackable wine bottle holder. The bottle holder can accommodate wine bottles and can be used separately or stacked to become a standing upright stand. This helps you to put an end to cluttered shelves, cupboards, or fridges and remain prepared for your favorite wines with a dedicated space.