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Marble Products for Your Home - KD Crafts

Marble Products for Your Home

Marble Products for Your Home

White Marble Vanity Tray

K D Crafts’ white marble vanity tray is lighter and more durable than typical stone perfume trays. It combines the aesthetic and the practicality. K D Crafts is the manufacturer and exporter of granite and marble artifacts that provide white marble vanity tray.

As a jewelry tray, perfume tray, lipstick tray, trinket plate, main tray, or even a coffee tray, this trendy and practical marble decorative tray can be used. To keep the tray from sliding or dropping and shield your furniture and counter from being scratched, the bottom of this white marble vanity tray is fitted with a non-slipcover. This white marble vanity tray is crafted from marble that is maintenance-free and extremely durable. It would not deform or fade readily. The white marble vanity tray is easy to maintain and can be cleaned with a wet cloth or paper towel right away. The marble bathroom tray bottom is rigid, sturdy, and easy to clean.

In the bathroom washstand, dining room, coffee table, bedroom dressing table, etc., this vanity tray can be mounted, showing the taste of your life. This marble vanity tray is suitable for use as an organizer tray and a perfect antique ornament. A great birthday present, wedding gift, Christmas gift, New Year gift, etc., is the marble vanity tray.

Marble Key Bowl

A multi-purpose product is the marble basics essential key bowl by K D Crafts. The lady who dismantles her gems in the evening or before showering is a safe hiding place – it is a vessel for keepsakes of some sort. It is also the solution to the person who often suffers from ‘misplaced keys and sits perfectly in an entry on a console. It’s the best serving tub for nuts and crackers and the fantastic miscellaneous contraption. It is handcrafted from polished grey and white marble. With distinctive veining and patterning, Marble key bowl pieces are original, unique, and stunning.

White Marble Chopping Board

A white marble chopping board is a sound in the kitchen for many reasons, including cooking a vegetable stir fry or chopping leafy greens for a fresh salad. The tool we look for most often after a fantastic chef’s knife is a chopping board. The white marble chopping board is also a surface where most of our food goods fall into touch, but after a year, you need to repair them.

In every kitchen, a strong chopping board is a workhorse. Above everything, it should be huge, offering sufficient room for cutting or chopping, and it should be simple to care for. K D Crafts have the best white marble chopping board for most people. These chopping boards looked fine under a knife and more robust than the competition; they stood up to several sharp slices, dark stains, and heavy odors.

It offers a smooth, durable surface that can be prepared while shielding the counters and plates from scratching. When holding hot pots and pans, it works as a decent trivet or functions as a plate when you feel lazy.