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Marble-Up your Household - KD Crafts

Marble-Up your Household

Whether you like it or not, your household design requires a change in its look at some point. There’s always something to add to any part of your house to make the place look more welcoming. It could be a single accessory such as a decorative bowl, vase or a showpiece that complements the theme of your house.

You might also want to consider adding a bit of diversity to your home in terms of the type of accessories you want. As compared to a vase, a marble decorative tray would be a wise option to choose from. Not only it would look good and well suited, but it would be a major upgrade in terms of the value of the product. Here are a few ideas for you to decorate your house:

Marble Vanity Trays

The marble vanity tray range is top on the list of some of our most premium products. The best thing about the vanity trays is that they can fit in anywhere you want them to. It can be utilized in your living room, your office or even your bedroom to keep your items.

Marble Bath Trays

To think the marble bath tray collection as just another bathroom accessory would be quite a harsh judgment. With an option to customize to fit in with your preferred bathroom theme, you will surely be satisfied with the bath tray. The best thing about the tray is that it doesn’t necessarily have to hold the bathing products. You can further decorate it with candles, marble balls, and even a few scented wildflowers.

Marble Cosmetic Trays

The marble cosmetic tray comes with a traditional design and ample space to hold your beauty products. It can be cleaned quite easily and the Indian marble used is of the finest quality that ensures that the cosmetic tray is durable and absorbing to the eyes.  

 Marble Soap Trays

It’s about time that you find a good and a permanent replacement for your old plastic and wooden soap trays. A marble soap tray is a complete opposite to its competitors. The tray has a polished finish and a perfectly refined structure that makes it attractive, to say the least. The quality of the marble used is more than enough to guarantee durability and long term use for your bathroom.

Marble Makeup Trays

If you want something to cater to your beauty products with some style and elegance, you should try the marble makeup tray. Like other tray designs, it is also coming up with a polished finishing and a unique design. The tray is bound to add a different kind of charm to your makeup products.

Marble Ottoman Trays

One of our very special design is of the marble ottoman tray category. The tray perfectly reflects the cultural theme of the Ottoman Empire. This is a great choice for your living room if you are into Turkish culture.

It is all up to you to decide which one ticks all the boxes. We are always ready to listen if you want to modify a certain piece of your desired accessory,