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Premium Indian Mortars and Pestles You Didn’t Know About - KD Crafts

Premium Indian Mortars and Pestles You Didn’t Know About

Premium Indian Mortars and Pestles You Didn’t Know About

All and everything there is to know about the unique marble mortars and pestles.

Despite the presence of grinding machines and other similar smart appliances, most of the Indian population prefers to use mortars and pestles. One of the main reasons behind this is that such tools hold a lot of cultural and religious importance in local history.

The local population uses such traditional tools to grind and crush herbs, spices, and other ingredients to prepare a meal or to make the Ayurveda medicine. A mortar pestle toolset is locally known as the Okhli Musli set in Indian culture.

Okhli Musli has always been an effective tool in terms of preparing powdered spices, common pharmacy medicines, and other food items.

Here are a few of our top mortars and pestles you can get for your household:

The Indian Marble Mortar Pestle

Indian marble products are some of the most popular household items you can find in the market. The high-quality marble is known for its polished finish and durability making it a good and a wise choice for any house theme.

The Indian Marble mortar pestle is one of our specialties. It is carefully and skillfully handcrafted to form a proper round shape to the surface. The high-quality finishing ensures that the surface does not becomes porous and starts weathering off. The smooth interior is a bonus as it makes sure that the grinding and crushing process is made easier for you to carry out.

Having this classical piece will help you get those original flavors that you are craving for the dinner meal.

Pharmacy Mortar Pestle Set

As said before, mortars and pestles are not solely used for grinding spices to obtain different food flavors. In Indian history, mortar pestle has been the perfect choice for grinding herbs and other beneficial ingredients to make effective medicines.

To carry on with the tradition, we hereby present the marble-made pharmacy mortar pestle. The set has a generous amount of space to make the process easier and safer. The smooth surface does not allow any residue that makes cleaning the toolset easier. The set usually comes in a white color setting with a polished surface finish. However, you can avail of the option of customizing the set as per your preferences. The changes can be made in terms of size, color, and design. Also read about – Hear me out: Grindr but for Food

The Black Mortar Pestle Set

Made up of the best granite quality, the black mortar pestle is a multipurpose kitchen tool that is guaranteed to serve you long and well. The hard and smooth exterior provides a striking look to the set, making it easy to the eyes.

The granite used also ensures that the set is balanced and holds still during the crushing process. With such a tool in your kitchen set, you won’t have to worry about looking for early mortar and pestle replacements.

We provide other various types of mortar pestle sets made from marble, granite, and sandstone with different styles and designs. Choosing one of our mortar pestle tool kits would surely give you a great hand in the kitchen department.